Power Plate

The 10 minutes of success.

Power Plate Sports

In addition to maximising performance, maintaining the health of top athletes is increasingly becoming a management task in competitive sport. That's why Power Plate is also an indispensable training component for athletes such as the national football team, national ski team and countless other sports. From fitness to professional sports

Power Plate Muscle building and strengthening, golf, bike and ski preparation, yoga and relaxation - this is only a small part of the Power Plate's extensive range of uses. The physiotherapists of professional athletes swear by the vibrations of the Power Plate. 

Power Plate Beauty

We live in a time when the feeling of beauty and body consciousness is more pronounced than ever before. Every day we are confronted with ideal measurements like 90-60-90 and flawless "dream figures". You too no longer have to just dream of a better figure - realise your dream with the support of Power Plate. The international media regularly report on the successful use of Power Plate by celebrities, actors and models as an integral part of their beauty programmes. It's not for nothing that Power Plate is considered the "beauty secret of the Hollywood stars". You too can feel like a Hollywood star...